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Promotion Footbags

Advertising specialties which work!

The footbag storm of enthusiasm from the US reached Europe - hack with us and be part of it! Our brand new and cheap advertising media will definitely delight critical trendsetters.

Footbag (commonly known as "hacky sack") - you play it at parks, playgrounds and everywhere else where you can stand in a circle. With only yourself, as a team or at a tournament, the "bag" never touches the ground! Neither do you, because we are the only company in Germany which offers printed footbags / hacky-sacks designed individually by your wishes so that you are brand has its proper style and desired effect.

Choose the colour of the material, printing-style, quality and way of sewing for your footbags and profit from years of our experience with Footbag-sports. Let your merchandising be everything but standard and point the way to future!

On urgent occasions:

Inside Europe, we guarantee a production and delivery period of only 5-6 weeks. (Starts at the day of the written confirmation).

Just contact us via email (), fax or phone right now and ask for our promo-footbags. We'd love to act as your adviser and draw up an individual offer.

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... we're looking forward to the really punctual consignment and thank you for the good cooperation in advance!

We're simply and totally delighted, thank you very much for your good work; and we've already recommended your company to ...

We liked the footbag very much; and they were on top when they were thrown.

We are there for you!

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