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Footbag then

Already in 1972, the two friends John Stalberg and … invented a new game just as a pastime in their home state Oregon. They filled socks with corn and juggled them with their feet. They called the game "hackysack" and the ball "footbag".
(The word "hackysack" was later patented wherefore the community decided to call the sport footbag as well and to use the word "hackysack" just as a synonym.)

Now and then, the rule was and is to kick the footbag only with your feet without letting it touch the ground. The trend became increasingly popular, because you can take the ball spontaneously out of your pocket and kick it with your friends. You don't need expensive equipment, no sports wear, no sports field – just the little ball and a few square metres space. In contrast to other sports and trends, this sport was not designed to play against someone but together with each other. Nobody has to be an exceptionally gifted top-goalscorer, has to throw off opponents or to hit the basket. It's the aim to keep the ball together smartly in the air for the whole time. Footbag is a sport which creates an extraordinary team spirit. Everyone starts with simple moves and will then be encouraged to learn the tricks of his team members or to invent new ones.

Footbag is a sport which creates an extraordinary team spirit. Everyone starts with simple moves and will then be encouraged to learn the tricks of his team members or to invent new ones.

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Footbag today

In the course of time, the sport became widely popular. The World Footbag Association (WFA) lists more than 16.000 registered members worldwide in more than 176 countries. The majority of these members is not associated in clubs yet. The average age of the players varies between 15-23 years. The annual world championships are visited by more than 200 professional players and thousands of fans.

Every year in Germany, there are at least two big events: the German championships and the German Footbag Open, where also international players participate. There already are 21 registered clubs and associations. With an ever increasing tendency!

In spite of the professional area, this sport never lost its alternative spirit like other sports did. It still is a very special trend among youngsters and teenagers and those who feel young. At schoolyards, city parks or Open Air Festivals – these places lack something without these little groups of "Hackers" today.

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Advertising with footbags

Many people have already hold a footbag in their hand or have at least watched others play.
Nevertheless, skatershops or trendstores offer only rarely professionally sewed footbags. You can only purchase them via internet for a price ranging between 6 and 20 € packing extra.

You have another alternative to reach your target group. Our promotion footbags are low-priced in manufacture but still meet all requirements hugely satisfying for experienced kickers. They are perfectly apt for holding attention on trade fairs, concerts, festivals and every other event. A free footbag is more than thankfully accepted, steadily carried in the pocket and shown to others.
Your printed message / advertisement on our footbags earn more profit than comparable give-aways such as lanyards, mobile phone beads, caps, T-Shirts or bags. Your individually styled footbag is a new and unconsumed product. Stress dynamism, speed and/or sportsmanship of your company and your campaign.

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