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right for every event!

Footballs as promo gifts are too big and complicated?
Ok, we have an alternative!

We recommend you our Hacky-Sack in mini-football style!
It's cheap and you'll impress your target group - from pupil to student.

You save the licence fee on the official FIFA logo but still get sensational football in your colour and with your logo printed on!

Being the greatest footbag dealer in Germany, we prepared a special collection for a knock down price. From little to vast amounts – we do have the most attractive offer!

The satisfaction of our clients is our measure.
We answer all your questions in advance and carry your order out without any complications.
Of course, all-round service is included - even on weekends.
Design and layout come from one place.
Quality check is a matter of course for us.

Just look at:

Miracle of Bern    model "Miracle of Bern"
Footbag 32 Panels, black-white

Fan    model "Fan"
Footbag 32 Panels, complex print

Final    model "Final"
Footbag 32 Panels, complex print

World Champion    model "World Champion"
Footbag 32 Panels, complex print

Make your brilliant campaign plans real!
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many important personalities got one of our promo-balls

Die Footbags sind bereits bei uns eingetroffen. Habe sie leider selbst noch nicht gesehen, aber im Geschäft sind alle begeistert, incl. meinem Chef :-) Daher möchte ich mich nochmals recht herzlich bei Ihnen für super Abwicklung bedanken.

Got the footbags. They are marvellous. We'd like to order 500 pieces more ...

We are there for you!

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and every time per mail